the I | the We, 2022
a medaillon with the sound of the chord inside
edition of 8

Your own wearable emblem for being a part while being apart.

At the time of the pandemic, the need arose for an emblem: a symbolic object that connects me to the We beyond our physical encounter. This took shape in a medallion. Your own personal, wearable reminder of the We. Enjoy the We on a daily basis. Alone or with Other(s).

The medallion is blue on the entire outside and can be hung with a yellow cord. The inside is purple. When the medallion is opened the sound of the We is heard. When closing the medallion the chord stops. Inside the locket is a battery that can be wirelessly rechargeable. At 7 cm in diameter and hand-painted, it is truly an eye-catcher. With its aesthetic, it refers to both positions: the I - the blue circle and the We - the two purple circles and the collective sound.

The first edition of the medallion (8 + 2 ap) was launched during This Art Fair (July 6 - 10)